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Biomass Stoves, Boilers and Stoves

Heat your home or commercial premises using modern & efficient boiler systems, stoves and cookers – to burn logs, wood chip, or wood pellets.

Visit our new biomass pages and our showroom in Hebden Bridge to find out more.

We are based in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire and we cover all of Yorkshire and the north of England. We provide high quality, competitively priced solar power hot water and solar power electric systems, plus hybrid heating systems and biomass heating solutions to all of our customers.

Solar heat

Choose from our range of high quality products to efficiently capture and transform the sun's energy. Reduces our consumption of conventional fuel and helps to reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases.

Solar power

Solar panels can be fitted new roofs as well as retrofitted on existing ones. We provide solar electric systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Hybrid heating systems

Combining your existing (or new) gas or oil boiler with traditional wood burning stoves, wood pellet stoves & boilers, log gasifying boilers and solar hot water systems.

Biomass heat

You can heat your home or commercial premises using modern, efficient boiler systems to burn logs, wood chip, or wood pellets. These are also available to produce electricity and a combination of heat and power.

Latest News

Breaking News: The Renewable Heat Incentive Reforms
From spring 2017 there will be a number of changes to both the domestic and non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

Domestic RHI:
  • All four technologies, air and ground source heat pumps, solar thermal and biomass will continue to be supported by the RHI.
  • Heat pumps will have their tariffs increased. Air source heat pumps will be at 10.02 p/kWh and ground source 19.55 p/kWh.
  • All new heat pumps will require electric metering and there are some restrictions on those installations with a shared ground loop.
  • New biomass installations will be able to access a higher tariff of 6.44 p/kWh.
  • Heat demand limits are going to be introduced for ASHPs, GSHPs and biomass heaters but not for solar thermal.
  • The solar thermal tariff will remain the same. This is good news for the solar industry as there were rumours that thermal was going to be removed altogether.
Non-Domestic RHI:
  • The Government is introducing tariff guarantees to create certainty in the market for larger installations and to encourage businesses to take them up.
  • The three tariff bands for biomass will be replaced with a single one with two tiers. Tier 1 is 2.91 p/kWh and Tier 2 is 2.05 p/kWh.
  • Tariffs for ASHPs and GSHPs will remain the same.
  • Biogas and solar thermal tariffs will remain at the same level.
  • New biogas or biomethane plants will only get support when 50% of the generated heat is from waste or residue feedstock.
  • Deep geothermal plants will continue to get support with a tariff of 5.14 p/kWh.
You can read the full response to the RHI consultation here
Are my meter readings and billing affected by onsite generation?
Some consumers using the FIT scheme have found that their import supply meter, which measures electricity consumed, is affected by installing onsite generation such as PV panels or micro wind turbines. The following PDF explains how your meter and billing might be affected, and who you should contact if you think there is a problem.
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