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Welcome to Eco Heat & Power Ltd

Solar Power subsidies have declined – and with it the interest – and it will now end in April 2019.

Biomass has declined due to falling subsidy, though it will continue.

Solar Heat has suffered because of a bias towards SOlar Power.

Lack of any stick, we have a new Lidl here with all that summer load of fridges and freezers with no solar PV on the roof!

So where are we? Well, we have a huge subsidy for the Hinkley Point Nuke, and on top of this huge subsidy we (the tax payers) cover the cost of any accident (£ trillions), and will pay to deal with waste and EOL clean up.

Insanely, fracking is subsidised, so it's not that subsidies are seen as a bad thing... it's just a political decision WHAT to subsidise.

What kind of world do you want?

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Biomass Stoves, Boilers and Stoves

Heat your home or commercial premises using modern & efficient boiler systems, stoves and cookers – to burn logs, wood chip, or wood pellets.

To find out more, read our biomass section and visit our showroom in Hebden Bridge.

We are based in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire and we cover all of Yorkshire and the north of England. We provide high quality, competitively priced solar power hot water and solar power electric systems, plus hybrid heating systems and biomass heating solutions to all of our customers.

Solar heat

Choose from our range of high quality products to efficiently capture and transform the sun's energy. Reduces our consumption of conventional fuel and helps to reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases.

Solar power

Solar panels can be fitted new roofs as well as retrofitted on existing ones. We provide solar electric systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Hybrid heating systems

Combining your existing (or new) gas or oil boiler with traditional wood burning stoves, wood pellet stoves & boilers, log gasifying boilers and solar hot water systems.

Biomass heat

You can heat your home or commercial premises using modern, efficient boiler systems to burn logs, wood chip, or wood pellets. These are also available to produce electricity and a combination of heat and power.

Renewable Energy Consumer Code OFTEC Stroma Certification Gas Safe Register
OFTEC 13912  •   Gas Safe Register 1987  •   RECC 16397