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Biomass Heat

Silo Fill

You can heat your home or other commercial premises using modern, efficient boiler systems to burn logs, wood chip, or wood pellets.

About bio-fuels

The difference between biomass and fossil fuels

The vital difference between biomass and fossil fuels is one of time scale.

Biomass takes carbon out of the atmosphere while it is growing, and returns it as it is burned. If it is managed on a sustainable basis, biomass is harvested as part of a constantly replenished crop. This is either during woodland or arboricultural management or coppicing or as part of a continuous programme of replanting with the new growth taking up CO2 from the atmosphere at the same time as it is released by combustion of the previous harvest.

This maintains a closed carbon cycle with no net increase in atmospheric CO2 levels.

Wood chip

 Wood chip

This is usually delivered into a store from where it may be automatically fed to the boiler, some times there is a larger store on site and mechanical handling is required to move the chip to the automatic feed store. Wood chip is usually better for the larger heating systems and / or working farms where mechanical handling is already available.


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Wood pellets

 Wood pellets

This burns very effectively because it has a low moisture and ash content, they are compact and easy to store. They are manufactured to the EN Plus 14961-2 standard. There is a choice for the homeowner between pellet boilers and pellet stoves and even cookers some with back boilers. The pellets can be obtained in 15Kg bags, by the pallet or by bulk delivery and blown into a purpose made store.


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Logs are made from cutting timber into manageable sized chunks, they are then left in the open to dry (seasoned) for over a year before they achieve a lower moisture content and become suitable for burning. Log gasifying boilers need to be laid and lit at least once a day. Overall cost comparison need to take account of the additional labour costs to either chop your own wood, or stack log deliveries and for loading the boiler daily.

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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The Governments incentive policy to encourage installation of renewable heat systems. Phase one for non domestic (commercial) building is operational. Phase 2 for domestic buildings commenced operation on 9th April 2014. All domestic biomass systems that meet OFGEM's criterion installed after 15th July 2009 are eligible.

Why Eco Heat & Power

  • We provide a high quality competitively priced installation service
  • We are Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS) registered
  • We are Stroma Registered
  • We have signed up to RECC code of conduct certified by the OFT
  • We have been installing since 2005
  • We provide comprehensive Installation & Maintenance manuals
  • We are RECC members and offer a Deposit and Workmanship Warranty Insurance scheme


  • Planning permission – Consent may be required for the flue.
  • Listed buildings – Consent will be required for the flue and possibly the combustion air vent.
  • Smokeless zones – If you are in a zone you will require a DEFRA approved appliance, we will advise you.
  • Large bio-energy installations may require additional industrial process permissions from the Local Authority & Environment Agency.


Renewable Energy Consumer Code OFTEC Stroma Certification Gas Safe Register
OFTEC 13912  •   Gas Safe Register 1987  •   RECC 16397