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Log Stoves

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Oyster Technology

We currently have this model on display in our showroom in Hebden Bridge.

The exclusive oyster technology, standard on all woodstoves, makes the product perfectly airtight; the stove draws all the air it needs from the outside without burning oxygen in the room. This means that it can be installed in well insulated and air tight houses.

One Control Lever

One control lever makes combustion management simpler (both primary and secondary air) for optimisation at all times.

Air Humidifier

Vessel for correct air humidification is available for all models with rear outlet (optional). Fragrances and essences can be added for a pleasant aromatherapy effect.

Alu Tech Fireplace

Fireplace entirely made of Alutec, an exclusive material patented by MCZ with a very high alumina content (72%) and remarkable outward heat reflecting power: its light colour makes the flame uniquely bright.

Sava Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics

Fuel type Wood
Nominal heat output at max 7.00 kW
Nominal heat output max 3.50 kW
Nominal performance 84.70%
Hourly consumption at min 2.00 kg/h
Hourly consumption at max 1.00 kg/h
Heatable volume 172 m³ (*)
Diameter of smoke outlet pipe 15 cm
Fire box dimensions 33x25xH.43 cm
Weight 165 kg
Suggested draught system 12-0.12 Pa-mbar
Smoke temperature 240 °C
Massive smoke capacity 6.9 g/s
(*) Heatable volume refers to the number of cubic metres that can be heated by the product in an insulated room, therefore with an average calorific requirement of 35 kcal/h per m3.

 Evolution Stoves

Evolution Stoves Evolution Stoves

26kW (10 to room 16 to water)

This imposing woodburning stove is the most powerful in the eVolution range. Its greater width gives your household a magnificent blazing expanse of flame within an open fireplace. it will produce up to 10kW worth of heat directly, enough for a considerably sized room. Its indirect effect is remarkable too, contributing a full 16kW to a central heating system.

This appliance is designed to burn wood logs only. The air controls on the appliance allow the chosen fuel to burn efficiently. On an open fire, the conditions required to allow wood or other fuels to burn affect the efficiency, sending more than 60% of the heat produced straight up into the chimney. The efficiency figures for these stoves are much higher, as there is far greater control over the combustion air entering and leaving the appliance.

Conventionally, a woodburning stove has to be connected to a vented heating system with bulky feed and expansion water tanks which guard against overheating. But Broseley recognise that today's homes are increasingly fitted with sealed systems powered by unvented boilers such as gas or oil combi units. That's why Broseley's technologists have developed the unique Broseley Safety Cold Water System. This prevents the over-heating or over-pressuring of the stove or the system. It uses an internal quench coil which diverts heat away from the boiler when it reaches the safety limit of 97 degrees C, doing away with the need for a vented system. So versatile are both the eVolution 8 and 26 boiler stoves, they can be easily integrated with either the unvented (combi boiler) system or the traditional unvented (combi boiler) system or the traditional vented system with water tanks. You can also link them with renewable energy sources such as solar thermal panels, typically through a thermal store.

Evolution Brochure >

Model Width Height Depth To centre of top flue To centre of rear flue Heat Output Efficiency MCS DEFRA
eVolution 5 Stove 450 583 385 134 467 5kW 85.50%   Yes
eVolution 5 Stove with log store 450 923 385 134 807 5kW 85.50%   Yes
eVolution 5 Delux Stove 450 583 385 134 467 5kW 85.50%    
eVolution 4 Inset Stove 520 610 332 N/A N/A 4kW 75.50%   Yes
eVolution 7 Inset Stove 520 610 446 N/A N/A 7kW 80.90%   Yes
eVolution 8 Boiler Stove 523 1081 401 142 N/A 3kW: Room / 8kW Water 82.00%    
eVolution 26 Boiler Stove 800 700 692 250 N/A 10kW: Room / 16kW Water 78.00% Yes Yes


 The Yorkshire Stove

The Yorkshire Stove Dunsley Heat

Woodburning Multifuel and boiler models

We currently have this model on display in our showroom in Hebden Bridge.

Developed through 30 years of research The Yorkshire Stove Woodburning Multifuel Stove is the first of a whole new breed of heat source. At last, they have created fire without smoke.

Emissions from the Yorkshire Stove are so low that it very easily complies with the clean air act. Independent laboratory tests show efficiencies of over 70% on a whole range of fuels including wood.

Your Choice

The Yorkshire Stove can be the solution for room heating only or an automatic central heating model can be ordered either as a multifuel model or as a woodburning model. The woodburning model is less expensive but can only burn wood.

This appliance is DEFRA approved for use in smokeless zones.

The Yorkshire Stove brochure >

  Boiler Models Non-Boiler Models
Width 595mm 540mm
Height 715mm 705mm
Depth 450mm 415mm
Weight 195kg 142kg
Typical flue gas temperature 263°C 300°C
Typical flue gas flow rate 10.6g/sec 13.5g/sec
Water content 22 litres N/A
Water connections 4x1' BSP Internal N/A
Maximum operating pressure 2.5bar N/A
Typical actual efficiency 80% 71%
Minimum Flue Draught 15pa/0.15mbar/0.06inH2O
Firebox effective volume Mineral fuel: 0.0158m2
Wood Logs: 0.0210m2
Construction conforms to EN13240:2001
Declaration of performance tested to NEW EN13240-A2:2004


Renewable Energy Consumer Code OFTEC Stroma Certification Gas Safe Register
OFTEC 13912  •   Gas Safe Register 1987  •   RECC 16397