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Solar Power

Solar Power in the UK?

In the UK we receive vast amounts of solar energy with the average amount of energy received in a year being as much as 60% of that received on the equator. This radiation is similar to the output of 1,000 power stations.

UK map of solar irradiation
Map of solar irradiation in the UK
(Annual Total kWh/m2)

The map on the right shows the total average solar radiation falling on one square metre surface inclined at 30 degrees to the horizontal, measured in kilowatt hours. These figures bring out the remarkable fact that the amount of solar energy falling on the total roof area of an average house is many times that required to provide all its heating and hot water.

However, we must note that there is a large difference between radiation available in the summer and that available in winter; also Solar Power systems will typically convert between 8% to 18% of solar energy falling on the solar modules into electricity.

These factors must be taken into account in determining the optimum size for a system. The optimum angle to the sun is from 12° to 50° from horizontal with an orientation from East to West being acceptable.

Solar Power explained

Solar Power systems broadly comprise modules usually mounted on the roof, this is wired back to an inverter and from the inverter the power is wired back to your fuse board. The inverter is often located in your loft, they will require an area about 450mm x 450mm and a depth of about 300 - 400mm. The inverter converts the DC power produced by the modules into AC power it then manages the connection to the National Grid. The unit must shut down in the event of loss of mains power from the National Grid, this is to protect people working downstream from your on-site generation.

July 2017 News:
Electricity shake-up could save consumers 'up to £40bn'

Thanks to improvements in digital technology, battery storage and renewables, these innovations in flexibility are already under way with millions of people across the UK generating and storing electricity. The new rules have been designed to cash in on this.

Among the first to gain from the rule changes will be people with solar panels and battery storage. At the moment they are charged tariffs when they import electricity into their home or export it back to the grid.

The government has realised that this rule must change because it deters people from using power more flexibly in a way that will benefit everyone.
Read the full article here >

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